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After extensive research and tests we launched EpiWeb® in 2004. Our goal was to produce a good alternative for Xaxim and lower the impact the use of it has for terrarium and orchid growing. A material that would keep its properties for decades.

EpiWeb® is today a well-known and accepted material and widely used in many applications worldwide. Some efforts have been made to duplicate EpiWeb® over the years.

EpiWeb® has and will always be the original!


We would like to point out, that the material called ”EcoWeb” that is stated as identical to EpiWeb is just a inferior copy of the original.


In 2011 we launched the sister material to EpiWeb®.
Hygrolon® with its water wicking and water keeping abilities is the perfect non-degradable alternative for substrates such as Sphagnum, cork bark, pine bark and other organic grow medias.
We are convinced Hygrolon® will open up many new ways for both hobbyist and professional growers to cultivate in new ways.


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